Our Mission

Heritage Classical Academy's mission is to develop every child’s knowledge to a state of wisdom, and every child’s character to a state of virtue through a K-8 classical education with a focus on civics that prepares them to be powerful participants in our democracy.

Our Vision

Through the study of the world’s greatest classics; the study of Latin, grammar, logic, and rhetoric; and through a rich exposure to history, math, and science, Heritage Classical Academy’s students will develop the rhetorical skills of history’s most adept statesmen, the self-initiative of the world’s most intrepid entrepreneurs, and the creativity and innovation of today’s movers and shakers. Because a classical education focuses on shaping a child’s potential for intellectual as well as technical pursuits, students of Heritage Classical Academy will be prepared to show their leadership in the broadest range of fields both academic and vocational.


Our Core Virtues


Control your emotions. Practice self-control.  


Remain steadfast. Be willing to take action even if you are afraid. Practice grit and perseverance when the task is difficult.  


Accept your duties. Understand that all liberties carry responsibilities. Practice holding yourself accountable.  


Think before you act. Be deliberate. Practice good judgment.


Be kind and generous. Learn how to engage in civil discourse. Practice getting along well with others.  


Follow the rules. Help others and treat them with respect. Practice being fair.  


Seek to know the most important things. Practice finding the good, the true and the beautiful.