Dear Parents,


On behalf of myself and the board of Heritage Classical Academy (HCA), thank you for your interest in our proposed tuition-free public charter school.


Our mission is to shape young people into wise and virtuous men and women, into capable leaders and flourishing citizens. With an education from HCA, your child will enter adulthood with a profound understanding of the world, its trials and challenges, its joys, its sense of wonder and meaning.


At HCA, we develop students to be both thinkers and doers. To be humans whose senses are honed towards beauty, who can relentlessly pursue truth in a changing world, who can be innovative and creative, and who know there are timeless principles worth preserving for the common good of all.


Education at HCA is built on a classical education model, with a strong foundation in math, science, reading, phonics, literature and history. As an educator and school leader under the classical education model for close to 10 years, I have personally seen the positive impact a classical education can have on a student’s long-term success.

Please reach out to us with any questions, and let’s talk more about your child’s future at HCA. You may also join our waitlist, here.


All my best,


Oscar Ortiz
Superintendent, Heritage Classical Academy